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What is Dadobaa Wood/Cold Pressed Oils?

Cold/Wood pressed oils are healthiest cooking oils which are extracted using minimal heat in an expeller or wooden ghani(a wooden drum and pistol). The seeds are crushed and in that crushing the seed bids with each other and loses its oil  contain which we use as cooking oils. We collect that oil in a tanks allow them to settle for few days and without adding any preservatives or any other chemicals fill them into the bottles, which makes your food delicious, super healthy and yummy….
Why this switch?
Dadobaa oils contains 0% TransFat, 0% Cholesterol, Retains Natural antioxidants and are free from any sort  Preservatives and Chemicals. Dadobaa oils do not contain added vitamins or mineral but contains natural vitamins and minerals which are the properties of the oils.

                         Difference between Refine Oils and Dadobaa Oils 

Refined Oil

 Dadobaa  Oils

Oils are extracted using high heat 
Oils are extracted using minimal heat
Chemicals are added to extract oil 
Slow crushing of seeds with no adding of chemicals 
Consistency of oil is very thin
Thicker in consistency 
Added vitamins and minerals
Natural retained vitamins and minerals 
Added preservatives
No added preservatives
No fragrance and aroma 
Naturals aroma and fragrance 
High yield is obtained  
Low yield is obtained

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