best oils in India

Best cooking oil in India 

The market is flooded with “n” number of brand selling cooking also and assuring the good heart health. How do one decide on which one is the true and which is just sake of making high amount of profits.

People now a days go for good packing. But does good package is important or the product quality is important? If one sells bad quality of oil in supreme glass bottle and excellent labels with golden and silver attractive foils which attracts your eyes, your eyes will choose it! But be aware!! Think before you buy, do you  want something to keep in show piece or u want to use the oil which is there inside the bottle ??

Only wise man will take a wise decision !!

The most important factor to look for when buying a oil to cook food in is the method in which it  is been extracted, right now in Indian market these are the types of oils which are available

1) Wood pressed method

2) Cold pressed method

3) Filtered method

4) Refining method

 will brief out each one

Everything we are today is because of our ancestors, they  invented multiple different techniques and formulas because of which we are so developed today. But in the course to growing faster we have forgotten our roots. Its necessary for us to understand the importance of ancient tradition. Its important to remember our ancestors and analyze their words and work on it.

The wood pressed technique of extraction is one those traditional technique in which there is a wooden drum and the pistol and the oils are extracted by pressing the seeds in the between the wooden part. This is a slow process of extraction but the resulting oil is extreme good.

Another method of extraction is the cold pressed technique in which a metal expeller is used to extract oil. This method also uses low temperature of extraction.

Filtered pressed is the oil which is first extracted in the expeller and then it passes through cotton cloth sheets with a certain amount of pressure. So the filtered pressed oil u will find it clear and not cloudy

Refinery process is a process in which chemicals like hexane is used to clear some properties of oil, it is been heated to around 2000C and other preservatives are added to extended the self life of the oil, this makes the oil hazardous for our health

Dadobaa Wood pressed oilsCold pressed/filtered oilsRefine oils
Extracted at very low temperature (40 to  50 0c)Extracted at low temperature but higher then wood pressed i.e. 70 to 80 0cExtracted at high temperature 200 to 3000c
Pressed with the help of woodPressed with metalPressed and made in metal
High and supreme quality of oilGood quality of oilVery bad quality of oil
No added preservativesCan be added or not depends upon brand to brandWith harmful preservatives
No filtration donedependsFiltered
Natural smell and aromaNatural smell and aroma (if mixing is no done)No smell and aroma (blad oil)

In my opinion the best oils will be the wood pressed oils.

You can buy these oils buy clicking of this link

Now it upon you to decide which ones are the best for you.

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