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5 Amazing Benefits of Wood Pressed Oils

Wood pressed oils are all the rage right now in the health and wellness world, but many people don’t really know what they are or what they do. To help educate you on the topic, here are five amazing benefits of wood pressed oils that you may not have known before!
Refined cooking oils are usually extracted using chemicals like hexane, a chemical that is known to cause reproductive and developmental problems. Hexane is especially harmful because it evaporates easily into our food and inhaled air, causing damage to people who consume or breathe it. This can lead to serious health concerns down the road including nausea, headaches, confusion, weakness, vomiting, liver and kidney damage, cancer and fertility issues. This is particularly worrisome for women who are trying to get pregnant or those already pregnant or breastfeeding because many harmful chemicals have been found in breast milk after exposure. Cooking with wood pressed oils helps avoid these risks altogether.
Wood-pressed oils: Unlike refined cooking oil, wood-pressed oil is made by pressing them mechanically in wooden ghanis instead of chemically. Because they aren’t exposed to harsh chemicals during extraction, they retain more nutrients than their refined counterparts and provide us with a number of amazing benefits. Here are 5 benefits you should know about:
1) They’re safe to cook with: Using wood pressed oil when cooking your meals means you won’t be exposed to dangerous fumes from harmful chemicals.
2) They’re high in antioxidants: Antioxidants help protect our bodies against free radicals that can damage cells and cause serious health problems like cancer.
3) They reduce inflammation: Inflammation can lead to all sorts of health problems including heart disease, diabetes, autoimmune diseases and even dementia.
4) They improve brain function: Research has shown that eating foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids can improve brain function which is important for memory retention and learning new skills.
5) Their smoke point is higher than other cooking oils: The smoke point refers to how hot an oil needs to get before it starts smoking or breaking down into harmful substances. These oils are extracted using low temperature so they are very stable while cooking and do not break out easily

Better taste
Not only do wood-pressed oils often smell and taste better than other oils, but they also have a low smoke point. This means that less material is lost during cooking and food preparation. That’s good news for those looking to limit their intake of potentially harmful chemicals that can build up in fatty foods like meat or dairy products. These harmful chemicals are created when common refined vegetable oils are heated to high temperatures, causing oxidation and a release of free radicals into your bloodstream. Because it has a stronger flavor, you use less of it to achieve similar results. If your recipe calls for 1 tablespoon, use half that and add more as needed.

A healthier alternative to cooking with olive oil in India
Cooking with wood pressed oils like Groundnut, Coconut, Sesame and Mustard is a healthier alternative to using olive oil, coconut oil, and other cooking oils. These cooking oils are full of healthy fats that help build your heart, brain and liver. The natural chemicals found in wood pressed oils are also known to help boost your immune system. In addition, these types of oils do not go rancid easily like many other cooking oils. They have no artificial preservatives or ingredients which makes them perfect for everyday use at home and on-the-go!
Wood pressed oil blends can be used for almost anything from sautéing vegetables to baking desserts. They work well as salad dressings or even as a marinade for meat dishes.

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